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Autumn Newsletter 2018

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter. They say time flies when you're having fun but who would believe we're into March already and soon to celebrate Easter!

Its been a busy time at the clinic over the past few months and we're excited to fill you in on everything that has been happening. This edition we introduce our newest Osteopath at the clinic, Aidan.

We give you some insight into the continued professional development our Osteos are about to undertake to keep up to date and ensure we provide the best possible care we can to you, our patients.

We also have some great product information on our Archies thongs that we're now stocking at the clinic.

We hope you have a lovely Easter and that Easter bunny brings you some yummy treats! Till we see you next, look after yourself.

The Ballarat Osteopathic Clinic team


Welcome Aidan!

Our newest osteopath at the clinic is Aidan Mill! Aidan is available for appointments Mondays and Thursdays from 8am.

Aidan fell in love with osteopathy as a teenager after being treated by his local osteopath for a sports injury. His fascination with the human body drove him to move from his hometown of Daylesford to pursue his career as an osteopath. Aidan graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Bachelor of Health Science, with strong ambitions to further his education in the future.

Aidan has a strong passion for sport and a keen interest in treating a wide variety of injuries, having also completed an internship with a successful sports medicine clinic in Melbourne. This involved him working as a qualified sports trainer, assessing and managing a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions.

Aidan understands that there are many aspects that contribute to an individual’s health, and prides himself on delivering holistic patient-centred care.

Aidan is looking forward to meeting new and existing clients of the clinic and helping them to achieve better health.


Easter and public holiday opening hours

Ballarat Osteopathic clinic will be closed on the following dates.

12th March (Labour day)

30th March (Good Frday) 2nd April (Easter Monday) 25th April (Anzac Day)

We will be open for business as per usual outside of these dates.


Professional Development

March and April are going to be busy months for both Sally and Kym who will be attending

professional development courses to further expand their knowledge base. (Don't worry, they're still available for appointments!)

They will both be attending a pain seminar in Melbourne to learn all things about pain science. Acute and  chronic pain, how this affects the nervous system and how we can help those that suffer with it in a clinical setting.

Sally will continue on with a course looking at how to help those with chronic pain incorporating movement and exercise into their rehabilitation.

For all our golf enthusiasts, Sally will be attending a Titleist golf course, the Body-swing Connection. The course will look at how to optimise your golf swing and also give Sally the tools to help improve your swing with simple exercises and appropriate treatment.

Once she has completed the course, Sally can help get you on track for a better golf game! Stay tuned for appointments!

Kym will be attending the course, Managing Pain in pregnancy and beyond in April to further enhance her knowledge for all our soon to be and expecting mums.

Topics covered will include pelvic girdle pain, pelvic and upper limb neuralgias, neck, rib and low back pain. Kym will also be learning about some complaints that can present many years later, after a difficult delivery, such as prolapse and pudendal neuralgia.

The course will also include breastfeeding ergonomics and how to prevent future delivery-related complaints.


Clinic Products

Archies Arch Support Thongs

Come in and check out our brand new range of Archies Footwear! We’ve found a fashionable and affordable orthopaedic thong to offer you all for the low price of $35.00.

The best thing about these thongs is that not only do they look like your normal, stylish pair of thongs, but they also incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic!

Archies Thongs are super comfortable, with highly specialised foam material which aims to help reduce strain from your feet and lower limbs. However, irrespective of whether or not you have issues with your feet or lower limbs, Archies Arch Support Thongs can be worn by anyone who just wants an unbelievably comfortable and stylish thong.

Visit Archies Footwear for more information at, or come in to the clinic to try a pair on.

Available in 6 colours: black, coral, navy, white, sky blue and mint from size 5 to 14 (US sizes).

If we don't have your size or colour in stock we can always order it for you!

Once you try Archies Support Thongs you will never want to take them off!


Refer a friend and receive $10 off your next consultation!

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